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Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council

“Connecting, Supporting, Transforming”
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The Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council (WOWRC) came into existence on January 1, 2019.

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What We Believe

United Church faith communities welcome people from all backgrounds and orientations.

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Staff Directory

Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council Staff profiles and contact info.

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Members of the Executive  of Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council.

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Stewardship & Gifts

Generosity is our response to God’s call to be compassionate disciples. Together, the people of the United Church live out Jesus’ vision and values by caring for each other and the world. Each and every day, we join God’s life-changing mission to make ourselves, our community and our world more peaceful, just and loving for everyone. “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10b)


  1. ‘What Will Find You’ Confirmation PLUS

    February 21 @ 7:00 pm - February 23 @ 12:00 pm
  2. Discoverment ‘What Will Frame You’

    February 21 @ 7:00 pm - February 23 @ 12:00 pm
  3. Good Friday SWELL

    April 10 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  4. Youth Rally

    April 23 @ 6:00 pm - April 26 @ 1:00 pm
  5. Annual Meeting

    May 29 - May 31
  6. Revitalize 4

    June 5 @ 12:00 pm - June 6 @ 5:00 pm

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February 2020 WOW NewsletterWestern Ontario Waterways Regional Council

Connecting, Supporting, Transforming



This year is the mid-point of the International Decade for People of African Descent.

Black Canadian Rapper D. O. Gibson


Black History Month United Church Worship, Prayers, Resources & more: www.united-church.ca/worship-special-days/black-history-month-1

United Church Responds to Coronavirus

Please pray for the sick and those who have lost their lives, as well as the families, caregivers, medical responders, and communities affected by this outbreak around the world.

United Church Mission & Service partner, the Amity Foundation, has requested emergency medical supplies for use by medical first responders and communities in Wuhan. The United Church is collaborating with the American Baptist International Ministries, which is coordinating the provision of these supplies to address the crisis.

Find out more: www.united-church.ca/news/coronavirus-united-church-response?mc_cid=6660e4e51a&mc_eid=1807891ded

Licensed Lay Worship Committee Needs Members -

Maybe YOU!

The Human Resources Commission is looking for individuals to be part of our Licensed Lay Worship Committee. This committee will oversee Licensed Lay Worship Leaders (LLWL) in Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council.

We are looking for Ministry Personnel from any stream, lay people who are not LLWL and LLWLs to be on this committee. This will be a one to three year term position with the option of renewal for one term.

The primary responsibilities for this committee will be:

· Interviewing potential LLWLs and recommending licensing to the Human Resources Commission.

· Interviewing and recommending current LLWLs for relicensing every 3 years.

· Ensuring LLWLs have completed mandatory workshops and have a current Police Records Check.

· Ensuring the recognition of a newly licensed LLWL at a service of worship.

· Providing ongoing support and guidance to LLWLs.

If being on this committee is something that interests you, please complete an Expression of Interest form (regionalcouncil789.formstack.com/forms/wow_expression_of_interest) and also found on the Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council website.

Lent is coming! give, Give, GIVE

What if we not only give up something, but GIVE something for Lent?

Find ideas here: giftswithvision.ca/ on what to give ... from Dave Jagger.

Have a Heart Day

A Sunday in February

A project of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society. Led by Dr. Cindy Blackstock, the Caring Society educates about and advocates for the rights of Indigenous kids across Canada.

We hope non-Indigenous kids can learn about the different experiences of kids in Canada and take action out of a sense of compassion. We also hope Indigenous kids can speak from their hearts about what they want and need.

Link for more information: fncaringsociety.com/have-a-heart

Sunday School Resources: www.united-church.ca/news/have-heart-day-2020

Do you want to be on the Pulpit Supply List?

We are looking for ministry personnel who are willing to be available to do pulpit supply in our regions. Licensed Lay Worship Leaders (LLWLs) do much pulpit supply and that list is often sent out.

Link to the form: regionalcouncil789.formstack.com/forms/pulpit_supply_wow

Right now we are gathering the names of ministry personnel who are interested in being on a list for supply. Look under 'Pastoral Relations Toolkits' (wowrcucc.ca/pastoral-relations-toolkits/) on the Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Help Communities of Faith with

Mission/Justice/Faith Formation

Besides helping congregations with the above, you will also help with resources, guidance and support to enable communities of faith to do the best ministry possible in their communities and the world.

The mandate includes working in right relations with Indigenous partners, supporting Affirming ministries with LGBTQ2SIA+ members, making safe space, open dialogue and strengthening relationships everywhere.

The Mission & Discipleship Commission could use your help.

Read the letter:

Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council

Connecting, Supporting, Transforming

Mission & Discipleship Commission
Here to help deepen faith, strengthen witness and offer ways of serving our communities and the world


Dear Friends,

The Mission & Discipleship Commission (M&DC) is dedicated to helping communities of faith live out their ministry of faith formation, mission and justice; to provide resources, guidance and support enabling communities of faith to do the best ministry possible in their communities and the world.

Our mandate includes working in right relations with Indigenous partners, and supporting Affirming ministries with LGBTQ2SIA+ members, making safe space, open dialogue and strengthening relationships everywhere in our churches and world.


Chair: Deanne Dickson (and representative on WOWRC Executive)

Members: Rosemary Benbow, Mary Jeanne Carmichael, Bruce Dickson, Rodger Filsinger, Lyle Haney, Mary Hawthorne, Pat McDonough, Joyce Osborne, Keith Reynolds

Staff Support: Kim Uyede-Kai, Minister Right Relations and Indigenous Justice KUyedekai@united-church.ca , Joan Tuchlinsky, Minister, Social Justice JTuchlinsky@united-church.ca,

Kathy Douglas, Minister, Faith Formation KDouglas@united-church.ca


The purpose of the Mission and Discipleship Commission is to provide information, education and opportunities for communities of faith and their members to deepen faith and strengthen service and witness, and to discern grant support to missions in the region. The Mission and Discipleship Commission may create different resource pools.

The Mission & Discipleship Commission and the M&DC Resource Pool will work in the following possible areas. The M&DC has the ability to determine their direction and priorities. Other roles may be identified by commission as its life unfolds.

a) Social justice initiatives and outreach and living out the Affirm mandate;

b) living into right relations and Indigenous justice;

c) support for ministry with children and youth;

d) youth events;

e) camping ministries;

f) chaplaincy;

g) living into the call to become an inter‐cultural church;

h) U.C.W. and local A.O.T.S.;

i) research and promotion of study resources;

j) refugee work;

k) white privilege;

l) provide support for communities of faith to become an Affirming ministry;

m) along with other important possibilities.

Support and Benefits for regional volunteers as they serve the church

1) Training to cover the role chosen and to improve use of technology;

2) Opportunity to develop skills that will strengthen the life of the representative’s home community of faith;

3) Opportunity to develop leadership skills;

4) Opportunity to deepen and widen relationships across the church;

5) Opportunity to learn from one another.


Minimum of 7 members and a maximum of 12 members, at least one‐third of total membership to be ministry personnel and one‐third of membership to be lay, elected by the Regional Council, one of whom serves on the Executive.


Normally monthly, September to June to ensure timely action on requests from communities of faith; as needed in July and August. At least 50% of the meetings will be electronic. We use a platform called ZOOM and staff will be happy to show folks how to use that or other ways to join a conference call.

If you wish to be a part of this commission, please contact any of the staff or members of the commission. We also hope to increase our pool of resource people who will take on leadership in the directions of M&DC. Volunteers provide leadership by researching information and opportunities and engaging communities of faith or their members with the same. This covers a wide variety of roles.

Then apply through the Expression of Interest form (wowrcucc.ca/expression-of-interest/). Hope to see you soon!

Exciting Work of the Human Resource Commission

Currently seeking people to serve on the HR Commission and on the Licensed Lay Worship Team.

Mandate: formation & nurturing healthy pastoral relationships and the equipping and licensing of lay worship leaders.

· position descriptions

· changes in pastoral relations

· sacramental privileges

· sabbatical requests

· liaisons to work with communities of faith

· regional United Fresh Start program

For more information, read the full letter here:

As we enter 2020, I’m happy to share some of the exciting work that the Human Resources Commission has been doing since last June. Our commission’s mandate centres around the formation and nurturing of healthy pastoral relationships and the equipping and licensing of lay worship leaders. We meet electronically on the third Tuesday of each month. During our meetings we approve position descriptions, requests for changes in pastoral relations, requests for sacramental privileges, receive for information sabbatical requests, appoint liaisons to work with communities of faith in

times of transition, and more. This fall, along with the Human Resources Commission from Horseshoe Falls and Antler River Watershed Regional Councils, we created and have now approved the following policies: Appointment Policy, Volunteer Associate

Minister Policy, Licence to Administer Sacraments Policy, Licensed Lay Worship Leader Committee Policy, and the Collegiality Agreement between Incumbent and Non-Incumbent Ministers policy. These will be posted soon on the regional website.

Currently we are setting up the Licensed Lay Worship Leader Committee and, in the spring, we will be working towards starting up the regional United Fresh Start program (unitedfreshstart.ca/).

We are currently looking for more people to serve on our commission (especially Ministry Personnel) as well as those willing to serve on the Licensed Lay Worship Leader Committee.

General inquiries around related to the Human Resources Commission can be e-mailed to me at revmicol_grace@wightman.ca or by calling 519-364-3550.

Pastoral relations forms and official requests (ex. change in pastoral relations, for sacramental privileges) can be sent to Diane Blanchard, Pastoral Relations Minister, at dblanchard@unitedchurch.ca

We are also excited to announce that an online form is now active for ministry personnel who would like their name to put onto the pulpit supply list. Please visit: regionalcouncil789.formstack.com/forms/pulpit_supply_wow, from Chair Micol Cottrell. Email Micol @ revmicol_grace@wightman.ca or call him at 519-364-3550.

Week of Guided Prayer

A Unique and Meaningful Opportunity for Deepening your Relationship with God. Encourage your Congregation to Hold a Week of Guided Prayer. A Retreat Guided by the Holy Spirit in the Midst of Daily Life.

Find out more through the website - www.weekofguidedprayer.ca/.

Purchase the 94-page manual and materials with this form - regionalcouncil789.formstack.com/forms/wogpand start your congregation on your chosen Sunday.

(Not in Western Ontario Waterways, but ...)

An Uplifting Church Story from TVO.org

This is a great story featured by TVO.org that lives into Eric Law's Holy Currencies principles (a webinar that may come back soon to United-in-Learning.com).

Here: www.tvo.org/article/how-one-toronto-church-is-beating-the-odds

My favourite line is when Rev. Anne Hines says, "Renting out space is nothing new for struggling churches, but Roncesvalles United’s approach goes beyond that, she says: “[The tenants] are not here paying to allow us to do our mission. They are our mission.”

Racial Justice Workshop 2020 Dates:

For Indigenous,Racialized, Bi-racial People:

April 25

June 20

September 19

November 14

For White People:

May 2

June 27

September 26

November 21

"The racial justice training is particularly commended to people serving in any leadership capacity within the church."


Missional Leadership Diploma

Atlantic School of Theology June 2020

Learn the keys to thriving ministry - www.astheology.ns.ca/future/diploma/diploma-in-missional-leadership in the 21st Century. Starts in June - Apply now!

Only 25 spots available. For more details on this leading edge program there is this information sheet:

Diploma in Missional Leadership at

the Atlantic School of Theology

Are you a leader of a faith community committed to nurturing your own faith, growing in your understanding of the missional context around you, and networking with other ministry leaders? Are you passionate about mission in the Canadian context? If so, you are invited to apply to be part of the first cohort of participants in this exciting new Diploma program that focuses on developing practical leadership skills and attributes, while learning about the Canadian context as well as the nature and practices of mission-oriented leadership.

Admissions Requirements • You must currently be serving in a recognized form of ministry in Canada. • You must commit to attending all four modules with the first component of the Diploma taking place on the AST campus in Halifax, June 8-12, 2020. • Access to an up-to-date computer and Internet access (preferably high speed) is required. • If you have questions pease contact Rev. Dr. Stephen Harper, Convener of the Diploma in Missional Leadership: sharper@astheology.ns.ca OR go to http:// www.astheology.ns.ca/future/diploma/diploma-in-missional-leadership.html for more information or to apply now. and/or contact Dr. Stephen Harper sharper@astheology.ns.ca

Confirmation Retreat & Faith Refresher

'What Will Find You'

February 21 - 23

Confirmation PLUS is designed to prepare United Church teens for confirmation but is open to any and all teens in grades 7-12 regardless of whether or not they are confirmed or ever intend to be.

Confirmation PLUS is open to Region 7, 8, 9 and beyond and is hosted at Pearce Williams (Fingal, Ontario). It is sponsored and led by The Centre for Practical Theology, The Swell, Ecumenical Campus Ministry of the University of Guelph and Western Ontario Waterways.

This retreat weekend playfully engages teens in the exploration of A New Creed, energetic worship, and lots of recreation, all lead by seasoned adult ministry personnel with decades of experience in youth ministry.

Adults/Ministers are encouraged to attend this event with their teens.

Come and find out What Will Find You!!


rendez-vous 2020

Bold Faith. Brave Space, Brazen Grace.

11 - 14 August @ University of Calgary

Rendez-vous (www.uccrendezvous.ca/)an M&S supported event, brings together youth (grade 9 and up to any age), young adults and their leaders from across the country (and beyond!) for a celebration of vibrant music, inspiring speakers, and dancing like there is no tomorrow.

Get involved. Find out how - email Kathy Douglas @ kdouglas@united-church.ca or call her at 519-441-0656.

Bridges out of Poverty

United in Learning

February 19 @ 1:00 p.m.

Make a difference in your community. Challenge your assumptions about poverty, economic class and community sustainability. Bridges Out of Poverty (www.united-in-learning.com/index.php/webinars/300-bridges-out-of-poverty-bridging-teams?utm_sourc... a highly successful initiative that is transforming communities. This program is successful because it puts the under-resourced people it seeks to assist, in 'the driver’s seat.

Register here - www.united-in-learning.com/index.php/component/rsform/form/363-bridges-out-of-poverty-feb-2020

Discoverment for Yats

'What Will Frame You'

February 21 - 23

Whether you are creating an Instagram profile, a resume, or a life in the Way of Jesus - the decisions we make about how we frame our experience have a lot of power to shape our future. What do we focus on? What do we crop out? What opportunities do we pursue? Which ones do we forego? Who do we listen to as we make those decisions?

What Will Frame You? for YATS is open to young adults from any and all denominations and is hosted at Pearce Williams (Fingal, Ontario). The event is sponsored and led by The Centre for Practical Theology, The Swell, Ecumenical Campus Ministry of the University of Guelph, and Western Ontario Waterways.

Come find out What Will Frame You


Nations Uniting Programs for the month of February

Come and explore The Seven Grandfather Teachings at Nations Uniting in Ohsweken through Bible Study, Sharing Circle, Film Showings and Parallel Path with Renee Thomas Hill.

Check out the website: www.nationsuniting.com/

Confirmation Retreat Five Oaks, April 3 - 5

Colour Outside the Lines, Unravel Faith, Resurrect Hope and Create Radical Beauty on Earth with Ruth Noble, Alana Martin and Kathy Douglas.

A retreat to support & enrich the confirmation process of your congregation. For both youth & leaders. Come, share the journey!

For information email Kathy Douglas @ kdouglas@united-church.ca

Liaison Training for Free!


The Human Resources Commission is looking for people wanting to train as liaisons. Liaisons help support and equip congregations during search and in times of transition. If you are interested or if you would like more information please contact Micol Cottrell @ revmicol_grace@wightman.ca or apply through the Expression of Interest form: wowrcucc.ca/expression-of-interest/

The Search Begins...

After accepting current General Secretary Nora Sanders' notice (www.united-church.ca/news/search-next-general-secretary-begins?utm_source=United+Church+Website+S... ) that she will retire in September 2020, the Nominations Committee put out a call to the church for a search committee. Many nominations were received. Read the bios in the above-noted link also.

Canada Summer Jobs is Open

Have a new idea but need help to get it off the ground?

· New ways of communicating?

· A Vacation Bible School?

· A community garden?

· Maybe to bring in new ideas?

If you want to hire someone under 30 to work at your community of faith now is the time to apply for Canada Summer Jobs through the Federal Government! Link here: www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/funding/canada-summer-jobs/apply.html?mc_...

Your Covenant Commission

Your Covenant Commission is dedicated to supporting communities of faith throughout various processes including property matters, use of capital funds, grants, etc.

To make informed decisions it is helpful for the Covenant Commission to have completed community of faith profiles to which it may refer. All communities of faith are encouraged to have their profiles completed before January 2021. After this date requests will be deferred until the profile is completed.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact John Neff @ jneff@united-church.ca, Minister, Congregational Support and Mission.

Centre for Christian Studies

Leadership Development and Continuing Education For lay people and clergy who want to learn, explore, and question, the Centre for Christian Studies is offering two one-week learning circles: Oppression and Resistance(Apr 15-21) and Ages and Stages(April 23-29). Application deadline this month. Both will be in Winnipeg. Click on the name of the circle to find out more. If you have questions call 204-783-4490 or e-mail info@ccsonline.ca.

Youth Rally 2020: Escape!

April 23 - 26

Pearce-Williams Christian Camp

High-School aged youth: Do you love to be inspired, challenged to think, meet new people & hang out with good friends??? Do you enjoy being in an open & welcoming community where you are free to be completely yourself? Well, faith, fellowship and connection is what Youth Rally is all about.

Come join us for Youth Rally 2020: Escape! Registration closes when full.

There is limited space! Register Early - regionalcouncil789.formstack.com/forms/youth_rallyDeadline for registration: April 9.

For more information email Shannon @ shannon-30@hotmail.com

Grey-Bruce Healthcare Chaplaincy:

A Mission & Service Ministry

Although Chatsworth United Church closed their doors in the Grey - Bruce area, they were able to turn their past-ministry into a future-ministry that will continue to look after those who become hospitalized.

Read their story:

Dear friends and colleagues in Western Ontario Waterways,

It is sad news when we hear that a local Church is closing their doors. It is a

difficult decision to make and one that often takes many years of struggle before

it happens. Sometimes it leaves those making the decision feel like they are

letting down the larger Church and even their own ancestors. They may wonder

what to do with their assets.

Recently Chatsworth United Church closed in the Grey‐Bruce area. In that

particular case, they also sold the building. As a faith community, they decided to

continue to support the ministry within their community by giving some funds

from the sale of the building to the local hospital ministry through the Grey Bruce

Healthcare Chaplaincy Council, one of the chaplaincies supported with Mission

and Service grant from the regional council. We are most grateful for their

thoughtfulness and give thanks to God for their kindness. Their gift will be put to

very good use as we support our Spiritual Care Providers as they give care to all

the local hospitals by visiting the sick. This can be especially important when there

is no longer a local Church minister.

If you have any questions, or want to know more about the Grey Bruce

Healthcare Chaplaincy Council, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Rev. Joan

Silcox‐Smith, Manager for Spiritual Care at Grey Bruce Health Services, South

Bruce Grey Health Centre, Hanover and District Hospital, Chapman House Hospice

and SWLHIN Palliative Care Outreach Team. Email: jssmith@gbhs.on.ca or Phone:


Question & Answer Column

Question: What is surprisingly one in three in Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council?

Answer: Approximately one-third of the pastoral charges in our regional council are without ministry personnel. Each one of them needs a PASTORAL CHARGE SUPERVISOR. Please contact John Neff, Minister, Congregational Support & Mission @ jneff@united-church.ca if you can help with this important work. Training is available and travel costs are reimbursed.

From your friendly Regional Council Covenant Commission. 🙂

Ministry with Kids & Youth Tuesday,

February 18, 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Harcourt United Church, Guelph

Share your struggles and celebrations in children and youth ministry. Connect with other Christian Education leaders and meet Kathy Douglas, Faith Formation Minister for Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council.

This event is for anyone who leads or supports programming with children and families in Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council.

For details and to RSVP (for donation supper) email - yourweeklymanna@gmail.com or call Kathy Douglas at 1-833-236-0280.

Crossan is coming to Westale United Church, Hamilton

April 3 & 4

Contemporary Spiritual Voices present: A weekend with John Dominic Crossan. The foremost historical Jesus scholar will be at Westdale UC from a Friday evening talk through all day Saturday.

Register online @ www.westdaleunited.ca/.

Christian Resource Centre

Hwy8 & Hwy 23, Mitchell

The Resource Centre: (www.wowresourcecentre.ca/) a warm & inviting space where all are welcome to browse our vast array of theological resources, bibles, books & gift-ware. We are blessed by all who walk through our door. Give us a call, send us an email @ hpprc@quadro.net. Our common language is love & inclusivity.

Sisters Together:

Clergy Women's Retreat for Women in Ministry

April 20 - 24

The theme of this 5-day event is 'Voices of Hope in Challenging Times'. The event features Rabbi Elyse Goldstein, Rev. Dr. HyeRan Kim-Cragg and Diamond Fotiadis. The Blanket Exercise with Kairos Canada will also be presented.

For information, go to the Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/Sisters-Together-108528020497328/; send an email to sistersandministers@gmail.com; or go directly to the registration form - regionalcouncil789.formstack.com/forms/sisterstogether.

Limited to the first 50 participants.

The Grandmothers Tea

Mount Pleasant United Church

February 26 at Noon

More information here: www.nationsuniting.com/calendarevents/grandmothers-tea-14/

Show Me the $$$

Regional Office, Hamilton

Tuesday, March 3

Finding, Writing, Getting Grant$
RSVP required by February 19. Email Ruthanna Mack @rmack@united-church.ca or call 1-833-236-0280 ext. 0. Two opportunities: 12:00 - 2:30 pm (light lunch provided-donation) or 6:00 - 8:30 pm (light supper provided-donation).

Treasurers: Charity Returns

We Have an Answer for You

In response to the following question on the T3010 Charity Return: Was the charity in a subordinate position to a head body?

Answer: The United Church of Canada Bn # 108102435RR0003

Thanks for all you do at this busy time of year to help United Church communities of faith understand their financial picture and direct their assets to the service of God's mission.

Video Licensing Available for May 2020 to April 2021

Video licensing information is available online at Buying United @ buyingunited.net/video-licensing. Those who had video licenses last year should have received their invitation for this year. Please share this information as widely as you can. The deadline for applications for this round is Friday, March 27.

Contact Alexandra Belaskie @ abelaskie@united-church.ca or at 1-800-268-3781 x4157 for more information.

SW Ontario Candidacy Board

The SW Ontario Candidacy Board is looking for new members; we meet monthly and the 2020 dates are set.

Community of Faith Representative(s)

to the Regional Council

Be sure to elect your community of faith’s representatives to the regional council. A position description for this role can be found on page 5 of the Governance Handbook. The number of representatives is based on the number of full members. (See Manual C.1.2.a)

PIE Day Worship

Facing Queerphobia Video from Affirm United

Find out about the activities happening on March 14. Check out www.pieday.ca.

Want to include something here?

Do you know of a region-wide event or happening that would be of interest to ministry personnel and/or lay members? To have it posted in this regional newsletter, send an email with the information to pkukadia@united-church.ca.

The next deadline is February 28.

Please sign up for this Newsletter!

Stay in touch with the wider church and subscribe to the regional council newsletter here wowrcucc.us20.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=3430c44e426848fe31d8afb4b&id=65ceaaaf22

or email pkukadia@united-church.ca
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Join us in Meaford for the Quilt Show 2020! ... See MoreSee Less

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LLWL "classroom edition" is being held this year in London, ON. Please post/share/pass this message on to anyone in your congregations who might be interested! Contact the Centre for Practical Theology for more information and to register: www.cptfairmont.ca ... See MoreSee Less

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