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Elected Lay Representatives

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Every year, communities of faith elect members of their church community to be Elected Lay Representatives. Regional elected lay reps are called to the ministry of participating in the decision making council in which your community of faith resides and are given a responsibility to consider and discern decisions about ministry, mission and priorities for service and stewardship.

The number of elected lay reps a community of faith elects depends on the number of resident membership. You will find this number on your stats form – it is column 16-17. According to section C.1.2. in The Manual, 2024, lay members of the regional council are members of The United Church of Canada who are not ministry personnel and who are:

a) elected by communities of faith on the following basis:

i) one representative from each community of faith with 100 or fewer members;
ii) two representatives from each community of faith with 101 to 200 members;
iii) three representatives from each community of faith with 201 to 300 members;
iv) four representatives from each community of faith with more than 300 resident members.

b) additional lay members as determined by the regional council if necessary to respect a balance of ministry personnel and lay members who are not ministry personnel in the membership of the regional council.



Opportunities for Service within the Regional Council

Submit nominations for positions on Regional Council Executive, its commissions, and committees.

Join a network or cluster that is engaged in something about which you are passionate.

Fill out an Expression of Interest form here.


Let’s Connect – Lay Rep Gatherings


Staff Support

John Neff

John Neff

Minister, Congregational Support

Phone: 905-659-3343 | 1-833-236-0280
Extension: 7
Email: JNeff@united-church.ca

Congregational Support Commission Staff Resource
communities of faith with articulating ministry and mission and when in times of transition. Connecting communities of faith to care for each other in mutual ministry. Transforming communities of faith in hope and presence for the future.

Serves in: Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council

Location: Teleworks from home and spends time in the region

Role: John provides support for the region by encouraging and connecting communities of faith as they adapt and experiment in changing times.

Contact John for: Community Ministries, Congregational Finance, Governance, Covenants, UCC Grants, Property, and Transitions - amalgamations, collaboration, disbandment, resource for Congregational Support Commission.

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