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The Discipleship and Justice Commission for your region is now welcoming applications for the 2025 Mission Support granting cycle.

Application forms can be found under “resources” on your regional council’s website. Please use the 2025 form and include all relevant information, even if it was included in previous applications.


This year we have also included a checklist to help you ensure that all necessary supporting documents have been included in your application.


If you received a grant last year, we are also asking you to provide a story about your ministry and its impact, as outlined in “Sharing Your Story” on the last page of the application form.


Send your completed application and supporting documents (ideally in a single pdf document) to me by email at JEgger@united-church.ca by 8:30 am Tuesday, October 1, 2024.


Feel free to reach out to me or any of my colleagues if you have any questions:


Thérèse Samuel: TSamuel@united-church.ca

Blessings on your ministry,
John Egger, Minister, Social Justice
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