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Welcome to Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council!

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Thank you for joining us as a representative from your community of faith to the Regional Council. We are blessed by having people like you be involved with the church.  

Please fill out this Expression of Interest form so that we have your contact information and interests. This is a time when the church wants, even needs, more lay representation so your voice is heard. The pandemic has taken a bite out of the transition to regional council and we need voices like yours and those in your community of faith. Everyone in your community of faith is the United Church. As a regional representative you are the voice of your congregation. Others in your community of faith are also invited to fill out the Expression of Interest and be involved in regional council, they don’t have to be a regional representative.

Please be sure to review the attached Governance Handbook for an overview of your Regional Council. Only you can know how best your gifts and skills can be useful to the region. 

You will find a lot of useful information on the website at https://wowrcucc.ca/ as well as on our YouTube channel.

If you have questions, check the Staff Directory page to send us an email, any of the staff will be happy to answer your questions 😃.

There are many resources covering congregational life that can be shared in a presentation with your church, like the, Congregational Support Toolkits. Congregational Support Minister, John Neff, is a great source of wisdom. 

Your name and email will be added to the e-newsletter list by subscribing here https://mailchi.mp/united-church/wowrcsubscription, and you will receive this regularly. This is a link to the newsletter Archive if you’d like to check out some past newsletters. Please feel free to share your congregation’s events with the regional council, either through the newsletter or the WOW Facebook group

There is a wealth of sharing and interaction of all kinds between members on the Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/231487167999498It is your Facebook Group, for the congregations of the regional council, so please join as a member and share all your news, questions, BBQs, bazaars or just reach out to find out what’s happening. 

Bonus Resource: CHURCHx offers education/workshop opportunities for church leaders, whether you’re clergy or lay, whether you have years of experience under your belt, or you’ve just joined your first committee, we connect you with like-minded people across the country to help make your church-life more vibrant, exciting, and alive. 

One more thing: Please advise your administrator/office person to have your name added to the congregation’s ChurchHub account as a Regional Representative. We at the regional council office cannot access your church’s account. 

Thank you for joining the Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council, we look forward to your valuable engagement and contribution!

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