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Discipleship & Justice Commission


The purpose of the Discipleship & Justice Commission is to provide information, education and opportunities for communities of faith and their members to deepen faith and strengthen service and witness.

The Discipleship & Justice Commission may create different resource pools.

The Commission provides both training and development opportunities as well as offering informed and timely responses to enable communities of faith to respond to emerging social and political situations.

The Commission encourages and equips communities of faith to enable their members to discern God’s call to different ministries and ways of service.

See The Manual, 2024​ Section C.2 references for responsibilities delegated to the Discipleship & Justice Commission. The Commission is accountable to the Executive through:

  • A representative of the Commission who also serves as a member of the Executive (may be the Chair but not necessarily so); and
  • The timely provision of minutes of its meetings according to the format established by the Regional Council Executive.

View the Discipleship & Justice Commission’s Summary Letter to learn more about the Commission’s Mandate, priorities, membership and more.

For more information, see the Governance Handbook.

Discipleship & Justice Commission Leadership


Chair Andrew Hyde email
Staff Resource Kathy Douglas email
Staff Resource Thérèse Samuel email
Staff Resource John Egger email
UCW Member Edith Coyle  
Member Cathy Hird  
Member Linda Peacock  
Member Kate Ballagh-Steeper  
Member John Adeyemi  
Member Kristal McGee  
Member Diane Dick  
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