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Dear Elders and members of the National Indigenous Council,

We are writing to let you know that Remit 1 has passed. All 16 regional councils, the National Indigenous Council, and 80% of pastoral charges participated in this vote on establishing an autonomous Indigenous organization within the United Church of Canada.  This includes 81% of active Indigenous pastoral charges.

 This news will be posted on the United Church and General Council 44 websites and shared on social media this morning. We will also be posting the NIC’s statement as prepared this past weekend, and included below.

 The final breakdown of votes will be shared tomorrow, April 10. Again, we will share those numbers with you first, before they are shared with the rest of the church.

Murray and Sara

Statement from the National Indigenous Council on the Results of Remit 1: Establishing an Autonomous National Indigenous Organization

We, the National Indigenous Council, are a diverse group of Indigenous Peoples, rooted in distinct innate values and wisdom. We:

  • Carry a common vision and dream
  • Respect everyone’s story
  • Care for one another
  • Uphold community
  • Build positive relationships.

We thank our Ancestors and All Our Relations who have brought us to this moment.

We are all Spirit first.

The work of Right Relations continues.

We commit to moving forward together in a good way.

Thank you

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