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Expression of Interest

We are using the self-nomination process. Discerning that you feel called and are ready to answer that call is an important part of participating in the regional council.

  • Regional Council Representatives: All regional council representatives (those people elected to represent their community of faith at regional council) are asked to complete the Expression of Interest.
  • Regional Council Involvement: If you are interested in sharing your skills and experience with your regional council, e.g. on the Covenant Commission, Human Resource Commission, Mission & Discipleship Commission, Social Justice group or as a Liaison, etc. or wherever you may be needed, please fill out the Expression of Interest and make sure to note your interests.

Please click on the Expression of Interest form to apply.

Currently, these are roles we are searching to fill:

  • Human Resource Commission: The Human Resource Commission invites you to join us as we do the work of the formation and nurturing of healthy pastoral relationships and equip lay worship leaders. Our work includes:
    • training and providing liaisons who work with communities of faith in times of search and transitions;
    • oversee Licensed Lay Worship Leaders;
    • approve changes in pastoral relationship and calls/appointments;
    • set and review policy;
    • oversee licences to administer sacraments;
    • oversee United Fresh Start, and more;

    We meet monthly for approximately an hour and a half by Zoom and documents are shared using Dropbox. If you are interested in joining our committee or have questions please contact Micol Cottrell. We are especially looking for ministry personnel to meet a more equitable balance.

    Click on the Expression of Interest form to apply.

  • Human Resource Commission Liaisons: The Human Resources Commission is looking for people to train as liaisons. Liaisons help support and equip congregations during search and in times of transition.If you are interested or if you would like more information please contact Micol Cottrell.Click on the Expression of Interest form to apply or to find out more.

  • Mission & Discipleship Commission: The Mission & Discipleship Commission is looking for individuals to be part of our Commission. We are dedicated to helping communities of faith live out their ministry of faith formation, mission and justice; to provide resources, guidance and support enabling communities of faith to do the best ministry possible in their communities and the world. Our mandate includes working in right relations with Indigenous partners, and supporting Affirming ministries with LGBTQ2SIA+ members, making safe space, open dialogue and strengthening relationships everywhere.This will be a one to three year term position with the option of a renewal for one term.The Mission & Discipleship Commission and the M&D C Resource Pool will work in the following possible areas. The M&D C has the ability to determine their direction and priorities. Other roles may be identified by commission as its life unfolds:
    • Social justice initiatives and outreach and living out the Affirm mandate;
    • living into right relations and Indigenous justice;
    • living into the call to become an inter‐cultural church;
    • research and promotion of study resources;
    • refugee work;
    • white privilege;
    • provide support for communities of faith to become an Affirming ministry;

    If being on this committee is something that interests you, please download the mandate and letter from the Mission & Discipleship Commission and click on the Expression of Interest form to apply.