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Month: January 2023

LENT 2023 FAITH AND JUSTICE SERIES Nourish your spirit with Justice-Seeking Tuesdays in Lent. Feb 28th 7:00-8:30 PM Jesus’s Encounters with the Powerful and Powerless- March 28th 7:00-8:30 PM – Cycle of Gospel Living: REGISTER NOW  Tues Feb 28th Jesus’s Encounters with the Powerful and Powerless- reflect on biblical stories of Jesus’s encounter with the powerful and powerless people of his time. explore what the Gospel calls you to do about the power difference in your own context Tues March...

Hello, Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council, this is just a little note with a request from your friendly neighbourhood President. As we are all aware a few years ago The United Church of Canada underwent some serious reorganizing, which created us as WOW. Part of the reason for the reorganizing was to streamline the decision making processes (not requiring the same decision to be approved by multiple bodies at multiple meetings), and to help lift the burden of needing so many...

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to lack of transportation this event has been cancelled. Interested / Questions? Contact me asap. We hope to get a bus load. Contact Kathy Douglas kdouglas@united-church.ca For people in Grades 7 and up (must be accompanied by an adult leader) All costs except for daily spending and meals will be covered.    

On January 11th2023 the tri-regions hosted a Deficit Dilemma Workshop, with over 185 people in attendance!  If you missed this workshop, or would like to review the content, a link to the recording and the Powerpoint Slides are available below: Video: https://youtu.be/EByE970Aj0A Powerpoint Presentation: Deficit Dilemma .PPTX Presentation PDF: