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For the remit vote, we are glad to hear that many of you are having conversations about the remit at your congregational meetings. Please also make sure your congregations understand that this is not something the congregation can vote on.

The remit vote must be made by the pastoral charge governing body (Board or Council) and cannot be delegated to the congregation. The Board/Council members should vote according to their own discernment. That being said, it is great for the congregation to share their thoughts before the Board/Council votes on it.

Your Pastoral Charge vote must be sent to General Council by March 31, 2024.

For links to the remit information and for educational materials go to




For more information contact:

Minister, Right Relations and Social Justice: Thérèse Samuel tsamuel@united-church.ca

Minister, Social Justice: John Egger jegger@united-church.ca

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