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Dear Communities of Faith in Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council,

As Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council our stated purpose is

Connecting, Supporting, Transforming”.

Yet, we know that many members of the regional council, both clergy and lay, are feeling isolated and like they lack the supports they need. It has also been difficult for members of Communities of Faith (CoF) to discern how to connect with the regional council and to find ways to support our work through the offering of their wisdom, gifts and skills.

In light of this, the Executive of the regional council has put together one-time cluster gatherings to bring together neighbouring Communities of Faith. Some of these events may be held in-person and others may be held on-line. The aim of these gatherings is to share information about the regional council, offer Communities of Faith the opportunity to share their successes and struggles with one another, and allow time for questions and feedback for the regional council.

Our hope is that the clusters formed will help neighbouring Communities of Faith to connect with one another and find ways to support each other.

Communities of Faith will be contacted by a facilitator for their area’s cluster gathering. Each Community of Faith will be invited to send 2 to 4 people to the cluster gathering for their area. You might send a member of your governing body, someone interested in the wider church, and/or a ministry person, along with your regional representative.

Don’t have a regional representative? I invite you to appoint a Regional Representative at your Annual Congregational Meeting. Fun Fact: Regional Representatives get to attend our Tri-Regional Spring Meeting in Port Elgin, Friday, May 24 to Sunday, May 26, at which the Moderator, The Right Rev. Dr. Carmen Lansdowne, will be addressing the court on our theme “Life Together!”

We have done our best to organize clusters based on geography and existing connections. However, the groupings are not set in stone — they are free to be re-organized in whatever way is needed. Please contact Heather Leffler at hleffler@rogers.com if you:

  • don’t hear from someone within the next month, or
  • would like to offer your contact information to ensure the person organizing the cluster for your area gets in touch with your CoF, or
  • would like to be re-organized into another cluster grouping than the one you receive an invitation to join.

We hope these gatherings foster connections and offer support to Communities of Faith within Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council and so, transform our work and witness, so everyone will know that, “We are One.”

Yours in Service,

Jennifer Irving

President, Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council

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