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Merry Christmas!
I am filled with expectation and hope for this Advent and Christmas as I write to you on this snowy December evening. The glowing lights twinkle on in houses and churches all around.

They are reminders to us of the warmth, light and comfort offered each one of us as we draw closer to the wonder of the humble birth of Emmanuel — God with us. Our faith in the One who is with us — through every joy and challenge of this life — gives us strength and courage as we seek to share that wondrous hope, peace, joy and love with our world. What a gift to be met exactly where we are — even when we are grieving or angry or filled with despair.

What a blessing to be cradled gently, just as we are, and held up to be the church in this time and place. It is my prayer for this season that, throughout our Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council, the work we do together and apart, the services we offer, the gatherings we hold, the prayers we lift up, the donations we share, the visits we make, and so much more, will not only share the hope, peace, joy and love of the season but also awaken us to the Christ being born among us and connect us all more deeply with the One who is coming.

Surrounded by shepherds, wise ones and ordinary angels, may we rejoice and sing as One this Christmas Day.

Yours in Hope,

Jennifer Irving
President, Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council

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