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Important Changes Regarding Payment of Pastoral Charge Supervisors

In The United Church of Canada, Pastoral Charge Supervisors (PCS) play a vital role in ensuring that communities of faith without a called/appointed minister can continue to make decisions and pass the motions needed to carry out their ministry. Pastoral Charge Supervisors are also required when the minister is a Candidate or an Applicant for Admission to The United Church of Canada.

Not only do the PCS attend meetings of the governing body (board/council) and congregation, they also serve as a Trustee. In recognition of the time commitment and required knowledge, gifts and skills needed to serve as a PCS, the Regional Councils of Antler River Watershed, Western Ontario Waterways and Horseshoe Falls are introducing a new policy to ensure proper compensation and training for this work.

All Pastoral Charge Supervisors and communities of faith
need to be aware of this change.

Please ensure that your board/council receives a copy of this policy. If you have questions, please contact your Congregational Support Minister, John Neff at JNeff@united-church.ca.

Cost of Pastoral Charge Supervision to the Community of Faith

A Community of Faith receiving supervision is responsible to provide a payment based on $35 per hour to the Pastoral Charge Supervisor. This includes meetings of the Governing Body, Trustees, Congregation and Pastoral Charge. In a multi-point pastoral charge the communities of faith will have to determine how the pastoral charge supervisor is paid.

Travel time to and from a community of faith is not covered by the hourly rate.

Pastoral Charge Supervisors are to submit their hours to the community of faith on an agreed-upon frequency and not less than 2 times per year.

Given that in most cases, the pastoral charge is without clergy or receiving reimbursement for restorative care, these expenses should not be burdensome. If it is anticipated to result in financial difficulties in the community of faith, a request may be made in writing from the governing body of the community of faith to the regional council Congregational Support Commission for further conversation (re assistance from the regional council for payment to the PCS or about the viability of the community of faith).

It is both expected and encouraged that supervision will take place by electronic means or by phone as much as possible.

  1. community of faith will be responsible for preparing a T4A according to Canada Revenue requirements.

Note: Pastoral Charge Supervisors’ mileage is covered by the regional council. 

In the rare case where regional council staff are the PCS, the congregation is expected to donate to Mission and Service in the equivalent amount of the hours supervised. Please note that this is only when a staff member is the assigned Pastoral Charge Supervisor.

The Congregational Support Commission will pick up the cost for an Applicant for Admission as part of its commitment to diversity.

Remuneration: Even if a PCS does not wish to receive the remuneration, they should still be paid by the community of faith. They then have the option of donating some or all of the payment to UCC Mission and Service or another charity of their choice.


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A pastoral charge supervisor may be a lay person who is a member of Regional Council, ministry personnel (ordered or diaconal) or a Designated Lay Minister. They will be approved for service by the Congregational Support Commission.

All are required to have an up to date::

  • Police Records check (vulnerable sector)
  • Racial justice training
  • Boundaries training
  • Pastoral Charge Supervisor CHURCHx Course

If the supervisor is not currently serving in active ministry or is a lay person, the cost of these requirements will be paid by the Regional Council.

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions, please contact your Congregational Support Minister, John Neff at JNeff@united-church.ca.

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