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Congregational Support Toolkits

Toolkit #1 – Covenant between Region and Communities of Faith

At the heart of the relationship with the regional council there will be a personalized covenant for each community of faith. This covenant expresses our commitment to work together, care for one another and respect the roles and responsibilities we have been given as part of The United Church of Canada. It is this covenant that will help to define our relationship and commitment to the ministry we share.

Each community of faith and congregation will create their own covenant with Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council by completing the appropriate sections, including choosing and explaining the symbols that reflect their commitment to this relationship.
Covenant Instructions
A Covenant of Mutual Commitment

This liturgy will be used as part of a service to celebrate the covenant between Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council and community of faith. A representative from the regional council will participate in this service with the community of faith. This may be done as part of a service to covenant with new ministry personnel or at a regular worship service.
Liturgy for Regional Covenanting Service

Toolkit #2 – Community of Faith Profile

A set of worksheets to assist communities of faith with information gathering, review and discernment of their current strengths, challenges, ministry initiatives and goals.

Step by step instructions for completing the profile worksheets and living faith story.
Profile Preparation Handbook

Identifying information and record of approvals.
Profile Cover Page

A concise statement of your current ministry objectives and goals.
Living Faith Story Worksheet (simple version)

A more detailed description of your ministry using headings that will assist with writing a position description and reviewing applications.
Living Faith Story Categories Worksheet (categories template)

Asks the questions, “Who are we” and “Who are our neighbours”.
Demographics Worksheet

A tool to assess current and future financial well-being for planning purposes.
Financial Viability Worksheet

A record of property, such as cemeteries, if applicable.  Does not refer to the church building or manse.
Real Property Worksheet

Information about the manse if applicable.
Manse Information Worksheet

Toolkit #3 – ChurchHub

ChurchHub is the new national database for information for every community of faith and all ministry personnel in The United Church of Canada.

Current instructions for updating information on ChurchHub
ChurchHub – How to Enter Your Information
ChurchHub – How to Upload Files

United Church of Canada ChurchHub description
ChurchHub.ca (the national database)

Toolkit #4 – Property Matters

Information for communities of faith, trustees and governing bodies regarding property matters and transactions.

Details regarding the disbursement of funds following amalgamation and disbanding.
Property Policy

A template for requesting approval from the Covenant Commission to list, sell, purchase, mortgage or lease property.
Property Resolution – Trustees

A guide to property transactions for communities of faith.
Congregational Property Transactions

Toolkit #5 – Amalgamating and Disbanding

Resources to help communities of faith with the process of amalgamation or disbanding.

Information Update Pastoral Charge Change

Step by step information for communities of faith that are disbanding.
Disbanding – Steps for Closing Well
Disbanding – Asset Disbursement Form
Ministries Supported by Disbanding Communities of Faith 

Step by step information for communities of faith that are amalgamating.
Amalgamating – Steps for Beginning Well
A sample agreement that can be adapted as needed.
Amalgamation Agreement Template

Toolkit #6 – Pastoral Charge Supervisors

Information for communities of faith and Pastoral Charge Supervisors related to the tasks and responsibilities of this position.

A brief overview of the responsibilities of a pastoral charge supervisor.

Pastoral Charge Supervisor Handbook

Pastoral Charge Supervisors Report

Toolkit #7 – Self-Assessment

A checklist style guide for carrying out an annual self-assessment and identifying policies and practices which may need to be updated in the coming year.

A tool for assessing the work of the community of faith and identifying best practices.

Annual Self-Assessment Information
Self-Assessment Instructions
Self-Assessment Checklist

Toolkit #8 – Maintaining the Historic Roll

Information and best practices related to maintaining the Historic Roll.
Maintaining the Historic Roll
Historic Roll Guidelines
Historic Roll-Frequently Asked Questions

Toolkit #9 – Shared Ministry Agreements/Covenants of Cooperation

Resources for communities of faith interested in sharing staff/resources and exploring opportunities for cooperation.

A Handbook containing information to help create a successful collaborative ministries.
Collaborative Ministry Handbook

Basic template that can be adapted as needed.
Sample Shared Ministry Agreement

An overview of ministry sharing with examples, benefits and considerations.
Ministry Sharing Information (PowerPoint)

Privacy-Policy-Template (1)Toolkit #10 – Compliance

Resources related to policies required by provincial and federal government.

Accessibility Policy
A generic template that can be adapted by communities of faith. Highly recommended.
Accessibility Policy & Training Template

Personal Information Privacy Policy
A guide and generic template that can be used by communities of faith for compliance with government regulations.

Personal Information Privacy Policy Guide
Personal Information Privacy Policy Template

Toolkit # 11- Annual Meetings

Information to help communities of faith prepare for annual meetings and adapt to changes related to Covid-19.

Information Package
A package containing helpful tips to prepare annual reports, plan annual meetings, complete community of faith profile and living faith story, and updates on changes related to Covid-19.
2020 WOW Information Pack

Annual Meeting Best Practices
A guide to help congregations and pastoral charges prepare for the Annual Meeting.
Annual Meetings Best Practices

Annual Reports Best Practices
A tool to help congregations and communities of faith ensure their annual report is complete and easy to read.
Annual Reports Best Practices

Congregational Meetings Pandemic Update 2021
A document containing information on the “GS 81 Extension of Temporary Amendment of Bylaws”
Congregational Meetings Pandemic Update 2021